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Posted By Nude on 08/24/12 - Bookmark Nipple Slip


This Lily Allen nipple slip picture is proof positive that some of us age better than others. At 27 years old Lily isn’t exactly young anymore, but she still looks every bit the spring chicken if you ask me. Her boob looks like it is barely legal!

Lily got her start in music at a young age and dropped out of High School to pursue her passion. Both of her parents are accomplished entertainers so she has had a bit of a boost in that regard. It is too bad her mum never taught her to wear a bra though. That nipple just slipped out like it wanted its picture taken!

Actually, that is pretty cool. Thanks, mum!

Get more nipple slips from Banned Celebs. They find all of this sort of stuff so you can better concentrate your time doing more important things. Like jacking off!

Posted By Nude on 08/22/12 - Bookmark Nipple Slip

Women's Water Polo Nipple Slip Compilation, 100 Photos of Nipple Slipping And Loose Boobs 059

If you missed the London Olympics 2012 you missed a prime opportunity to view some impromptu topside nudity broadcast around the world. Women’s Water Polo is well known for mishaps. More than any other female sport!

I am not sure what was up with it this time around, but it seemed the ladies from Spain (EspaƱola) could not keep their tops on! Every game had somebody from Spain that was letting her nipple slip!


Women's Water Polo Nipple Slip Compilation, 100 Photos of Nipple Slipping And Loose Boobs 006


Hellas (Greece) also couldn’t keep their nipple inside their bathing suits. To bad that hot triple jump blonde babe that got disqualified for being a racist tard didn’t play water polo. I would have paid to see her nipple slip out of her suit.

Jenifer Benitez, Olympics Third Nipple Slip in Springboard Diving at the Beijing Summer Games jenni1

Things weren’t relegated solely to Women’s Water Polo when it came to nipple slips either. Jenifer Benitez showed off her nipple in the diving competition. At 19 years old she has some perky boobies we wouldn’t mind seeing again in 2016!

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